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About Crimmigration Law

Crimmigration is a term used to describe the combination of criminal law and immigration law.
It is a portmanteau of the words “criminal” and “immigration”.

The term was coined by Juliet Stumpf, a professor at Lewis & Clark Law School, in her article published in 2006 “Crimmigration Law”. Stumpf noted that the division between criminal law and immigration law “has grown indistinct” such that the two “are merely nominally separate”.

Since the publication of the article, crimmigration law has expanded. First, it is easier than ever for the federal government to exclude or deport (legally referred to as “removal”) a migrant from the United States. Second, the criminal justice system has increasingly become focused on immigration activity. Third, law enforcement agencies and prosecutors have tailored their enforcement tactics to raise the stakes of a person’s status as a migrant.

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